Cloud and Infrastructure

We offer a step by step, phase-driven approach for migrating applications to the cloud. Are you planning to migrate your legacy hybrid storage environments into all Flash Storage environments? - contact us today for a free assessment.

Migrating Applications to the Cloud

We provide application migration services that enable organizations to leverage the benefits of cloud computing, including a step by step, phase-driven approach to migrate your existing mission-critical applications to a cloud environment.

The migration process can extend application functionality by utilising native Cloud features so you can truly leverage the cost-efficiencies of the underlying platform. Our services include:

  • Building a cloud strategy for your company
  • SaaS Enablement and subscription billing
  • Evaluating security and compliance requirements of your application
  • Leveraging the native features of Cloud platforms such as auto-scaling
  • End-to-end SLA management
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Networking
  • Storage as a service
  • Test and development in the Cloud
  • Public/hybrid Cloud cost and performance analytics
  • Disaster recovery as a service
  • Containerization with Docker

    Set up build and deployments that package your applications as Docker containers

  • Deploy on leading PaaS platforms such as AWS ElasticBeanstalk
  • Configure DNS, load balancing, security groups and autoscaling groups
  • Implement a microservices-based architecture for flexibility and reusability
  • AWS, Azure and OpenStack Cloud Engineering

    We have a broad spectrum of experience with IaaS and PaaS in the data centre and provide the following services:

  • Deployment and operations
  • Design and apply cloud Data Centre reference architectures in accordance with your infrastructure road map
  • Python development
  • CI/CD set up
  • Implement business support systems including metering, product catalog, rate plans, usage-based billing
  • Single sign on
  • System integration and using reference architecture to drive tactical integrations
  • Migrating Legacy Hybrid Storage Environments

    We work with technology partners to migrate legacy hybrid storage environments into all-Flash environments:

  • We conduct Flash assessments on behalf of customers
  • Get the best Flash densities
  • Get significant latency improvements
  • Deliver power and cooling cost benefits
  • Important SSD maintenance considerations
  • Start low and grow with DIP upgrades
  • We are happy to provide a full storage migration proposal based on your Flash assessment results.