App Development and DevOps

Mobile App Development

Mobile has been a major catalyst for change, impacting technology, architecture, development/deployment methods and culture. As organizations try to meet increasing demand for custom mobile apps in a market of scarce developer resources, it's critical to implement efficiencies across the complete app development life cycle.

We provide the key aspects of architecture and development approaches as they relate to mobile:

  • Deliver compelling digital customer experiences with sophisticated apps and innovative mobile services
  • Responsive website development and design
  • Isomorphic app development
  • Componentized UI with React.js and React Native
  • Fullstack data driven applications with Relay, GraphQL, KOA, Express, Node.js, NoSQL and SQL databases including AWS RDS
  • Implement a microservices-based architecture for flexibility and reusability
  • Convert legacy apps running on the intranet to enterprise mobile apps (IOS and Android)
  • tvOS app development
  • Virtual Reality app development

  • Software Development

    NewCode provides a broad range of software development services to support individual projects as well as comprehensive portfolio rationalization. Our enterprise architects, developers and quality assurance engineers use an Agile-based accelerated delivery model that has resulted in an industry-leading project success rate.

    We offer software development expertise as follows:

  • Reference architecture
  • JavaEE, Spring, Hibernate
  • .NET and Azure deployment
  • Mean Stack: Mongo, Express, Angular.js, Node.js
  • LampStack
  • Relational and document Databases
  • Containerization with Docker
  • Micro services

  • DevOps

    DevOps is a mindset and skillset that brings about faster innovation, better collaboration, more frequent releases, agility and heightened responsiveness to business needs. Whilst Cloud-focused companies have already been leveraging DevOps, it is evolving into a mainstream strategy employed by 20% of Global 2000 organizations.

    We provide consulting and practical set up as follows:

  • DevOps in development: version control, test driven code and infrastructure, continuous delivery
  • DevOps in operations: automation, data collection and trend detection, re-provisioning
  • Installation, configuration and upgrade services for DevOps tool chains
  • Creating a DevOps culture to drive efficiency