Application Modernization

Leverage your existing investment whilst embracing modern architectures and coding

Application Modernization Solutions

We provide Legacy Modernization Services utlizing a proven methodology to re-architect legacy applications and convert code to modern programming languages and frameworks.
Migration projects are executed rapidly, by combining our productivity tools with a highly experienced team of developers who are proficient in both legacy and modern coding. We also work closely with industry leading technology and system integration partners on major migration projects.

Legacy Code Conversion

Re-architect and convert your legacy applications to x86 and PaaS platforms:

  • We use a phase-driven step-by-step strategy for converting legacy application code
  • Perform decomposition of monolithic applications into services and microservices architecture
  • Employ code migration tools to optimise productivity and accuracy
  • Database migration service
  • Enhance application functionality by employing latest architectures and adding modern features
  • Suitable for Windows Forms, batch processing and back-end applications